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CoClass SDBPlayer

Object for controlling of player and Now Playing list.

ISDBPlayer members

Name Type Description
CurrentPlaylist Property Get
CurrentSong Property Get
CurrentSongIndex Property Get/Let
CurrentSongLength Property Get
CurrentSongList Property Get
isAutoDJ Property Get/Let
isCrossfade Property Get/Let
isEqualizer Property Get/Let
isPaused Property Get
isPlaying Property Get
isRepeat Property Get/Let
isShuffle Property Get/Let
isStartingPlayback Property Get
LoadEqualizerPreset Method
Next Method
Panning Property Get/Let
Pause Method
Play Method
PlaybackTime Property Get/Let
PlaylistAddTrack Method
PlaylistAddTracks Method
PlaylistClear Method
PlaylistCount Property Get
PlaylistDelete Method
PlaylistFocused Property Get/Let
PlaylistItems Property Get
PlaylistMoveTrack Method
PlaylistSelected Property Get/Let
Previous Method
Stop Method
StopAfterCurrent Property Get/Let
Volume Property Get/Let