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'''[[Skins for MediaMonkey v2.5 and lower]]'''
'''[[Skins for MediaMonkey v2.5 and lower]]'''
===How can I make my own skins?===
===How can I make my own skins?===

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Many skins have been made for MediaMonkey, and the list is getting bigger. MediaMoney has had the possibility to use Winamp's classic skins, which in theory makes thousands of player skins available for MediaMonkey.

However, with MediaMonkey version 3, there are many new skinning possibilities and more to come.

Where do I download skins?

There are two categories of skins. The ones made for v2.5 and lower (using Winamp's skinning module), and the new ones made exclusively for MediaMonkey version 3.

Skins for MediaMonkey v3.0 and higher

Skins for MediaMonkey v2.5 and lower

How can I make my own skins?

It's easy to skin when you learn the program which is used (ThemeEditor), but for documentations on how to skin MediaMonkey check these pages;

How to skin MediaMonkey v3.0 and higher

How to skin MediaMonkey v2.5 and lower