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Wav Editors

Window's Free Recorder

As you may know the Microsoft's sound recorder shows it is limited to one sixty second sound clip when you start it.
this how ever is mis-leading.
The limit is really what you have in amount of free ram, meaning for a wav format the mb's you get per minute of song in wav is about ten.
so a 4 minute song will need about 55 mb's of space.
once you know how much free ram you have then you can start your Microsoft sound recorder up.

Now you just start recorder and let it record a blank file.
as the file is recording you need to use the menu tool bar on the recorder and select the speed option menus.
just keep clicking on decrease speed until you get the number of seconds you need to equal the amount of minutes for your song.
maybe a minute or so longer for some extra recording space, then just let the recorder do it's thing and record that long blank file,
when it gets to the point you want it stopped or it stops it's self do not save the blank file.
Now you just click on the seek bar (the one that moves with the song) and drag it back to the beginning.

be careful not to make it save or you will have to delete the file and start again.
when you have the seek bar back at the starting position. You can then start the recording of your song either from the line in or from the microphone if your singing.
Just click the record button again it will record over the whole file again or until you stop it or it runs out of the time you set.

then you can save it. when you click on the menu bar and click the word file, or save as, you will get the panel / browser window to say where you want to save it at and to name the file.
looking at that save / naming window you will see below the text area you type the name in.
Is an area that there is the file type listed in, And to the right of that is a button that says change.
That is the Change button for the type of format.
click that and it will show you a panel to pick the type of format you want to save it in.
(it will only show what is on your computer that Microsoft's code will understand) so you can make it in to an mp 3 if you want.

That is it just a tip and instructions on how to use the free recorder from Microsoft.
its a lot of work but if you only want one song or need it one time then its not a bad thing to use.
but for lots of songs it is best to get a free wav editing studio or buy a wav editing studio,
those use the same recorder only use lots of codes to set the time, to what ever you need with out you even having to worry about it.
so get one of them studio's for doing many songs.

this tip was said because I have seen too many posts in other forums by newbies wanting to record one song but had no idea how.
Rovingcowboy / Keith hall

How To Use Other Wave Editors

MP3 Editors

CD Rom Ripping

Using Ripping Feature on MediaMonkey

First things first. Put the cdrom in the drive.

Now remember you must tell monkey what is on the cdrom you just put in the drive. So go to the monkeys directroy tree section for my computer. Find the cdrom drive you just put your cdrom in to.
Now select the plus sign beside the cdrom drive icon to get all the songs on the cdrom to show in the listview window. Make sure all the information is in the list view in the proper columes for the proper song tracks. NOW Select all the songs in the listview. Then go to tools and click the rip link. To get the proper list of songs in the ripping panel.
Other wise mediamonkey thinks you want to rip the last cdrom you did.

Rovingcowboy / Keith hall.