Adding Audio Tracks & CDs

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MediaMonkey can catalog both Audio Tracks and CDs, and depending on your intentions these can each be added to the library in slightly different ways.

  • If you want to add files and folders from your hard drive, see Adding Files & Folders
  • If you want to catalog a CD in your Library, without Digital ripping
  • If you want to just catalog a CD's contents in the library, see Adding CD Albums
  • If you want to rip the contents of a CD to your Library, without cataloging the physical CD, you can simply Rip Tracks from CDs
  • If you want to catalog the CD (Audio CD or MP3) and rip/copy its contents, you'll want to use the Virtual CD

[[::WebHelp:Adding Audio Tracks & CDs/4.0|English]]  • [[::WebHelp:Adding Audio Tracks & CDs/4.0/de|Deutsch]] • [[::WebHelp:Adding Audio Tracks & CDs/4.0/es|español]] • [[::WebHelp:Adding Audio Tracks & CDs/4.0/fr|français]]

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