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Album Art can be edited in a few different ways: via the Album Art window, via the Properties Dialog, or via the Auto-Tag from Amazon function. In all 3 cases, it is possible to save Album Art directly to the tag or to save Album Art images to a specified directory (configurable via Tools > Options > Library > Tags & Playlists ).

Most users prefer to have Album Art stored in their Tracks' tags, however, this is not supported by all About Track Properties. An alternative is to store Album Art in the Track's folder, however, this should preferably be done after first organizing Tracks into /Album directories--failure to do so may cause Album Art to be associated to Tracks from other albums on rescans.

Edit Album Art via the Album Art Window

The Album Art window allows you to quickly Add/Remove/Edit Album Art a single image at a time, for the selected Track and optionally all other Tracks on the Album. With it, you can quickly:

  • Copy and Paste or drag and drop an image from anywhere on your PC into the Album Art Window.
  • Right-click Add Image to add a new image that you've downloaded.
  • Right-click Remove Image to remove the image that appears.

For more involved operations such as editing of multiple images, right-click on Edit Album Art Properties. This will bring you to the Properties Dialog (see below).

Edit Album Art via the Properties Dialog

To edit multiple Album Art images, click Edit > Properties, and select the Album Art tab in the Properties Dialog. All images that are common to the track(s) will appear; simply click Add or Remove to change the images associated with the track, and optionally choose whether to apply the displayed Album Art to all other Tracks on the Album, or other selected Tracks.

The changes to the tracks will be made only after clicking 'Ok'.

Looking up Album Art

The simplest means of finding and adding Album Art is by selecting a set of tracks from an Album and right-clicking Auto-Tag from Amazon. See [Getting Track Information from the Internet.htm#Amazon Auto-Tag from Web].

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