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To back up your database and settings, copy the contents of the directory indicated, depending on what OS you're using:

  • Vista / Windows 7: C:\users\<User Name>\AppData\Roaming\MediaMonkey
  • XP/Windows 2000: C:\Documents and Settings\<User>\Local Settings\Application Data\MediaMonkey
  • Windows 9x/Me: C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\MediaMonkey\ or C:...\My Music\MediaMonkey\Data\

Note that some configuration settings that are stored to the registry will not be backed up. they are transcoded and leveled as follows:

  • WMA --> WMA 128 kbps CBR
  • OGG --> OGG Q4
  • Other formats are encoded to the encoder defaults for the given format
  • For other tracks that are in a format that isn't supported by the device, they are trancoded and leveled to MP3 128 kbps CBR

Note that any of these defaults can be overridden simply by adding a new conversion rule.

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