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MediaMonkey's functionality can be extended through the use of various addons found at the MediaMonkey Addons site. These include:

  • scripts that add a variety of different functions, such as looking up metadata & Album Art, playing music automatically based on last-fm preferences, switching metadata fields, playing random whole albums, etc.
  • skins that change the look of MediaMonkey
  • translations of MediaMonkey to other languages
  • plug-ins that change audio properties

To install most addons other than plug-ins:

  1. Download an addon from the MediaMonkey Addons site.
  2. On Windows Vista or Windows 7 select the MediaMonkey icon and 'Run as administrator' (this is required to properly install addons).
  3. Double-click the downloaded .MMIP file to install the extension.
  4. Restart MediaMonkey and the new functionality will be accessible.

Note: Some older scripts may not be packaged as .MMIP files (e.g. Newscript.vbs). For those, copy the script to MediaMonkey's /scripts/auto folder OR save the script to MediaMonkey's /scripts folder and then define the script in MediaMonkey's "\Scripts\Scripts.ini" file (as described in the script's documentation).

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