Extending MediaMonkey's Functionality: Addons

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MediaMonkey's functionality can be extended through the use of various addons found at the MediaMonkey Addons site. These include:

  • Addons that add a variety of different functions, such as looking up metadata & Album Art, playing music automatically based on last-fm preferences, switching metadata fields, playing random whole albums, etc.
  • Skins that change the look of MediaMonkey
  • Translations of MediaMonkey to other languages
  • Plug-ins that change audio properties

Installing Addons

To install most addons other than plug-ins:

  1. Download an Addon from the MediaMonkey Addons site or from where the Addon developer publishes the Addon.
  2. On Windows Vista or Windows 7 select the MediaMonkey icon and 'Run as administrator' (this is required to properly install addons).
  3. Double-click the downloaded .MMIP file to install the extension.
  4. Restart MediaMonkey and the new functionality will be accessible.

If you have multiple versions of MediaMonkey installed and the wrong MediaMonkey runs you can install by using Add under Tools > Addons from the Main Menu. Select the .mmip file for the Addon to install.

Note: Some older scripts may not be packaged as .MMIP files (e.g. Newscript.vbs). For those, copy the script to MediaMonkey's /scripts/auto folder OR save the script to MediaMonkey's /scripts folder and then define the script in MediaMonkey's "\Scripts\Scripts.ini" file (as described in the script's documentation).

Updating Addons

If the Addon uses the option to have MediaMonkey manage updates use Find Updates under Tools > Addons from the Main Menu to check if any Addons have updates.

If the Addon provides updates through new Addon installers, download and install the update like any Addon installation.

Uninstalling Addons

Under Tools > Addons from the Main Menu you can view which Addons are installed. Use the delete icon for an Addon you want to uninstall.

Certain Addons are part of the core functionality of MediaMonkey and can't be removed. These Addons will not show the delete icon.



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