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If you want to share your Playlists or Auto-Playlists with another application, you can do so by Exporting them as standard .m3u files, which can then be loaded by most media players.

To export specific .m3u files:

  1. Select the Tracks you wish to export from a Playlist
  2. From the File menu click Export to Playlist or right-click Send to .m3u Playlist
  3. Choose a folder and filename (xxxxx.m3u) for the Playlist

The Playlist will be saved as xxxxx.m3u, which can then be opened by another media player.

To export all Playlists as .m3u files:

  1. From the Tools menu select Scripts > Export all Playlists
  2. Choose a folder for the Playlists

The Playlists will all be saved as .m3u files.

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