Generating Reports

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With reports, you can easily generate Statistics about your collection, or create File listings in HTML, an Excel spreadsheet, a CSV file, or a XML file.

To generate a Statistics report, click File > Create Reports > Statistics.

To generate a File List report:

  1. Select all of the Media Files you would like to create a report for.
  2. From the File menu, select Create Reports and one of the File List options available.
  3. Choose a destination folder and file name to save the report.

Note that Track Lists are created using MediaMonkey scripting functionality. You can customize the exported Track Lists by creating custom Scripts.

[[::WebHelp:Exporting Track Lists/4.0|English]]  • [[::WebHelp:Exporting Track Lists/4.0/de|Deutsch]] • [[::WebHelp:Exporting Track Lists/4.0/es|español]] • [[::WebHelp:Exporting Track Lists/4.0/fr|français]]

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