What's New in V4

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MediaMonkey 4 is a major release with quite a few changes:

Video support

MediaMonkey 4 extends it's functionality to the realm of Video (AVI, MP4, WMV, etc.). It plays, syncs, tags, and organizes video files in the way that only MediaMonkey can.


MediaMonkey 4 makes it easy to manage multiple collections from a single UI. Whether they are Classical music collections, Movie Collections, Music Video Collections, etc. MediaMonkey provides a single UI from which all of these can be easily accessed and managed.


MediaMonkey 4 allows you to share collections via industry-standard UPnP/DLNA so that your xBox, PS3, or DLNA-enabled television can play your music and videos. Similarly, MediaMonkey can now access UPnP devices to play content that might be shared by a UPnP server. In addition, the included download manager lets you quickly download content stored on other web sites.

Automatic synchronization

MediaMonkey 4 adds support for a variety of devices, so that transferring media is simply a matter of connecting. Supported devices include iPhone, iPad, iPod, Blackberry, Android, and others.

New audio system

MediaMonkey 4 now offers higher quality / lower latency audio, via the Windows Audio Session API.

Portable mode

MediaMonkey 4 can now be run from a USB device so that you can take it, along with your music collection, to whatever Windows PC you're using.

Secure ripping

MediaMonkey 4 adds secure ripping to ensure that CDs are copied with the greatest accuracy possible, and compared to an AccurateRip database to verify integrity.

Easier than ever

MediaMonkey 4 adds a whole slew of usability improvements making it easier to use than ever before. These include: an installation wizard, automated download of languages / codecs, tabbed UI, contextual toolbar, integrated file monitoring, new skins, etc.