Edit MM.DB using Microsoft access?

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Darryl Gittins

Edit MM.DB using Microsoft access?

Post by Darryl Gittins »

It used to be possible to edit the MediaMonkey.mdb db in Microsoft Access, but no longer can you do that with the MM.DB file. Is there another way to edit the MM.DB file directly with a program such as Access?

I'd like to get direct editing access to the database, so that I can export text lists such as the custom fields.

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Re: Edit MM.DB using Microsoft access?

Post by raharris »

I think MM uses SQLite now.

There is an add-in for Mozilla Firefox that lets you view information

I do not believe that lets you create any reports, however.
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Re: Edit MM.DB using Microsoft access?

Post by Darryl_Gittins »

Thanks That helps a lot! I was able to use that to export the works to Excel, and from there grab what I needed.

For anyone that is curious, get the plugin from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/5817
Drag the file onto Firefox to install it.

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Re: Edit MM.DB using Microsoft access?

Post by evanslee »

You can also use this programme to view, import, export, Executer SQL query etc...


What i would like to do is compare the dates contained in the MM.DB to another database I have which I know has the correct year of the song in it, and then update the MediaMonkey date based on that, rather than having to look them all up from Discogs which is limit to 5,000 per day.
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