Make Library "Follow" Currently Playing Track

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Armando Penblade
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Make Library "Follow" Currently Playing Track

Post by Armando Penblade »

Yes, I understand completely that this is ostensibly what the Now Playing view is for, but since I tend to listen to my entire library on Random, a huge Now Playing list makes startup slow, and I like being able to see and play with everything *while* listening, so the Auto-DJ doesn't work either.

In fact, just let me say this: I understand very, very well how MediaMonkey works, and how powerful and customizable it is, and how great it is, and how it provides tons of great, efficient, well-designed features for playlist management, library management, and playing tracks.

And as fantastic as all that is, *all* I want to do is to make the Library view automatically follow the currently playing track while playing randomly. No hotkey, no Now Playing, no manual moving. . . just some setting or addon that follows my tracks.

I only make this post so long because I have read pages-long discussions of this very issue on other boards and even here which are filled with people offering great, helpful, *awesome* suggestions that *do not* answer the specific question I have, and I don't want to make anyone type something that I'll just have to ignore :(
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Re: Make Library "Follow" Currently Playing Track

Post by Mizery_Made »

I'm not a scripter, so I'm just theorizing here. But I believe there is an event which fires each time a track is played, so it may be possible for a script to perhaps run the "Focus tracklist on currently playing track" hotkey, essentially keeping the currently playing track highlighted within the library. However, I'm not actually sure if scripts have the ability to send key commands or whatnot (for security reasons?). This also wouldn't work if you happened to be in a sub-node which didn't contain the track which plays.
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Re: Make Library "Follow" Currently Playing Track

Post by ZvezdanD »

If you want to get automatically displayed folder with the currently playing track whenever the playing track is changed, you could try the Find Currently Playing Track add-on.
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