Grommet wrote: "the dead on arrival ID3v2.4 spec"

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Grommet wrote: "the dead on arrival ID3v2.4 spec"

Post by chrisjj » Tue Apr 15, 2008 4:56 am

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Grommet, I'd like to hear why you say ID3V2.4 is DOA, in case that's for any reason I've not heard already ;)

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ID3v2.3: The 'de facto' MP3 tagging standard

Post by grommet » Thu Apr 17, 2008 3:21 pm

chrisjj, this updated '2.4' proposal of the ID3 informal standard was not well received (in late 2000) and was basically abandoned. In fact, it wasn't even added to the standard reference ID3 library code:

As I've stated before, MP3's ID3 pseudo-standard sucks in all forms... :D But ID3v2.4 is even more challenging and "open to interpretation." ID3v2.3 continues to be the de facto compatible MP3 tag standard for both software and hardware.

In my opinion, the ID3v2.4 changes, which basically makes it read/write incompatible with ID3v2.3, shouldn't have happened and just hurt the industry.

Since there is Unicode/UTF-16 support in ID3v2.3, even the UTF-8 in ID3v2.4 has little advantage in reality.

You'll see ID3v2.4 a little more today, much driven by Foobar2000 and it's developers/fans. They are the biggest proponent of ID3v2.4, to the point of adding "political" commentary with it's optional ID3v2.3 support: "ID3v2 writer compatibility mode (non-specification-compliant, slow, activates workarounds for common bugs in software)". The rest of the world generally defaults to ID3v2.3.

Anyway, that's where I stand. :D

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