[1496] Ignoring "The" While Sorting on iOS 5

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[1496] Ignoring "The" While Sorting on iOS 5

Post by cekope »

Some of my artist tags beginning with "The" appear in various and often improper places on my iPod Touch. Occasionally "The" is ignored and the artists sort into their proper places. Sometimes they just show under T. Still other times they appear under both. If this little bug could be seen to my organizational perfectionism would much appreciate it.
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Re: [1496] Ignoring "The" While Sorting on iOS 5

Post by rusty »

Thanks. Tracked at http://www.ventismedia.com/mantis/view.php?id=9401

note: MM 4.0.5 consistently fails to follow the 'ignore prefixes' rules when syncing (I'm guessing that some of your tracks were synced by iTunes?)

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