How do I Use a License Key?
Updated by Russell Samuels on Mar 23, 2018

When you purchase MediaMonkey for Windows, you'll receive registration information consisting of:

  • Username: the name/company that you entered upon purchase
  • License key: a series of characters along the lines of Vx9-xxxx-xxxx-xxx

The username and license key can be used to activate the Gold features in MediaMonkey as follows:

  1. Run MediaMonkey
  2. In the Menu Bar, click 'MediaMonkey Gold' and then 'Register MediaMonkey Gold...'
    - If there's no 'MediaMonkey Gold' entry in the menu bar, then it means that MediaMonkey Gold is already registered.
    - If there's no menu bar, you can re-enable it by clicking the area in the title bar immediately to the right of the MediaMonkey icon, then enable View > Menu bar.
  3. Copy and paste the username and license key and click 'OK'
  4. All the Gold features will be activated

You can verify the registration status within MediaMonkey for Windows by clicking Help > About

Note: The registration information cannot be used to log into the forum or to sign into our store. These require separate usernames and passwords which you can create via the respective sites.



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