Introduction To Plugins

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About Plug-ins

Plug-ins can add a wide range of functionality to MediaMonkey. Plug-ins can add functionality such as visualizations, playing additional file types, adding better compatibility to certain sound cards, enhancing or modifying audio played through MM, controlling MM playback from different sources, allowing synchronization to different digital audio players, and much, much more.


Most Winamp 2 plug-ins are compatible with MediaMonkey. Some plug-ins are developed specifically for MediaMonkey, and in fact MediaMonkey is pre-installed with quite a few plug-ins. Additional compatible plug-ins are available at the MediaMonkey addons page.

Specific Plug-in information

Last.FM Scrobbler Plugin Info

MiniLyrics Plugin Info

ASIO Output Plugins

ITunes Plugin Info for sync to recent Apple devices

MonkeyTunes DACP Server for iPhone/iPod/iPad/Google Android