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Introduction to 3.x Skins


Unlike previous versions of MediaMonkey, version 3.x no longer permits the use of skins designed for Winamp. This includes both 'Modern' Winamp skins (for use with Winamp 3.x/5.x) and 'Classic' Winamp skins (2.x). Winamp skin files have the filename extension .wsz (Winamp Skin Zipped) for version 2.x and .wal for version 3.x.

Skins specifically designed for MediaMonkey have the extension .msz (MediaMonkey Skin Zipped) or .mmip.

The default skin for MediaMonkey 3.x is Morten's Glided Skin; the other skin included in the install package is VitreousBlue. Users seeking a skin similar to Winamp's default skins should consider Nohitter151's conversion of Black Monkey.

Note that only when using skins that have an included 'mini-player' format will the mini-player option be accessible from a button in the upper-right corner of MediaMonkey (adjacent to the minimize, restore, and exit program buttons). The mini-player is the feature through which MediaMonkey shrinks to basic player options and which most resembles other MP3 player programs.

Installation of Skins

To install a MediaMonkey skin:

  1. Download the .msz / .mmip file (You may need to right click and use the "Save link as" or "Save target as" option in your internet browser).
    1. For .wsz/.msz files copy and save it to the MediaMonkey Skins sub-directory (usually C:\Program Files\MediaMonkey\skins\).
    2. For .mmip files, just double-click the file and it will automatically install.
Special note for users of Internet Explorer: (Internet Explorer may automatically change the file extension of your skin file to .zip. If this occurs, manually change the extension of the file back to .mmip or try downloading the file with a download manager or another browser such as Firefox or Opera The skins can also be in zip files so don't just change the extension, First explore the zip file.
If you see one file called install.ini in the zip file then rename the extension to mmip, if only an msz file is in it then unzip and put the file in the monkey's skin folder. If a folder and other files are in the zip file then rename the extension to .msz and place it in the monkeys skin folder.)
  1. Restart MediaMonkey.
  2. Go to Tools | Options | Skins and select whatever skin you wish to use.

Blake's skins


Blake's WMP11 look-a-like

Author: Blake

First released: 2007-02-25

Current version: Download #1 | Download #2 | Download #3 (v?.? - 2007-0?-??)

Green Version: G-Monkey11

Notes: This skin is more inspired by WMP and it feels more like the original MediaMonkey skin. There are two versions available: The blue version (original) and the green version as shown in the screenshot


Blake's iPod inspired skin

Author: Blake

First released: 2007-04-05

Current version: Download

MacMaster's Skins

Author: MacMaster

MM Ultimate

First released: 2008-01-23

Current version: Download MM Ultimate (v2.1 - 2008-02-25)
Notes: a blue version is also available.

MM-Ultimate Main Window
MM-Ultimate Mini Player
MM-Ultimate Micro Player


First released: 2008-02-12

Current version: Download MM PSP (v1.1 - 2008-02-26)

MM-PSP Main Window
MM-PSP Mini Player
MM-PSP Micro Player

Morten's skins


Morten's WMP11 skin for MM3

Author: Morten

First released: 2007-01-26

Current version: Download (v1.2 - 2007-01-28)

Notes: This skin tries to look like Windows Media Player v11 as much as possible. Some usability enhancements are made that are not available in WMP11 itself.

iTunes 7

Morten's iTunes 7 skin for MM3

Author: Morten

First released: 2007-01-26

Current version: Download (v1.2 - 2008-02-17)

Notes: This skin tries to look like ITunes v7 as much as possible. Some usability enhancements are made that are not available in ITunes7 itself.

NoHitter151's skins


NoHitter's Zune Media Player look-a-like

Author: Nohitter151

First released: 2007-10-13

Original version: Download #1 (v1.6.2 - 2008-5-29)

Small player version: Download #2 (v1.6.2 - 2008-5-29)

Slim player version: Download #3 (v1.6.2 - 2008-5-29)

SP Slim player version: Download #4 (v1.6.2 - 2008-5-29)

Notes: This skin is inspired by the Zune Media Player and has a definite 'Zune' theme. Thanks go to gege who designed the Micro Player.


nohitter151's VitreousBlue skin

Author: Nohitter151

First released: 2008-6-05

Current version: Download #1 (v1.1.5.1 - 2009-1-25)

Notes: Nohitter151's first original skin . It is based strongly on the Windows Vista theme, all buttons and player layouts are his own original designs. This skin makes use of the font Segoe UI, a font that is preinstalled on Windows Vista. If you are on some other operating system you can install the font and MM will look as it does in the preview.

Tommae88's skins

Red Bruise

Tommae88's Red Bruise skin

Author: Tommae88

First released: 2007-03-02

Current version: Download (v1.2 - 2007-01-28)

Notes: This skin has a nice red quality over itself and is based on the default theme.

Authors with More than 2 Skin Screenshots

Converted MM 2 to MM 3 skins (6)

Main player and theme skins

MediaMonkey 2 Converted Skins
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Royal Skin Recolored (6)

Old default skin by Blake and by Tommae88

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