Winamp Plug-ins (MM4)

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Download plugins

A lot of Winamp plugins can be used with MediaMonkey. See the Winamp's plugin library for an overview and downloads. Some of the most used MediaMonkey plugins are listed and can be downloaded here.

Plugin development

The majority of the Winamp 2 API is supported, enabling Winamp Input plugins, Output plugins, General plugins, DSP plugins, and Visualization plugins to be used with MediaMonkey.

With MediaMonkey 3, support for unicode plugins has been added for higher compatibility with the Winamp 5 API. Media Library plugins are not supported.

Winamp Plug-ins Development Page

If you need help with developing plugins for MediaMonkey, or if you need information about MediaMonkey's Device plugins, please contact the developers or use the Scripts and Components forum.

Help with plugins

Here you can add your help and snippets for the development of MediaMonkey plugins.