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Mediamonkey 3.1 is officially released!

MediaMonkey is now available! Includes New Features and Improvements

New & improved:

  • Full Windows Vista support
  • New Album Art library views
  • Themeable internal player and new floating and taskbar players
  • Generally improved skinning, icons and logo
  • Various user interface improvements and tweaks
  • Custom library views and filters
  • Auto-rename files whenever tags change
  • Easy installation of components (scripts, skins, ...)
  • Lightweight database (SQLite) for improved performance and reliability
  • Extended support for ID3v2.4 and other common tags
  • Native podcast support
  • New iTunes/Winamp-style browser
  • Automated volume analysis and Album Gain support
  • Configurable (and global) hotkeys
  • Improved support for various music formats, including wav, wma and ogg
  • Native AAC playback and tagging
  • Built-in crossfading and silence removal
  • More advanced search, with search history
  • Vista-style hierarchy browser
  • Much better tagging support for classical music
  • New type of scripts: Auto-DJ scripts and Search scripts
  • Support for iPod Nano 4G
  • Support for iPhone 3G and first gen iPhones with 2.x firmware
  • Support for iPod Touch with 2.x firmware
  • ... see what's new for a detailed list