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Q: Where is the manual?
A: The manual is called d_itunes-manual.pdf and can be found alongside the d_itunes4.dll in one of two alternative locations
--> When installed as an administrator c:\Program Files\MediaMonkey\Plugins
--> When installed as a non-administrator c:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\MediaMonkey\Plugins
--> When installedin portable mode <portable-location>\MediaMonkey\Plugins

Q: I have a very large library and I would rather not have to duplicate the tracks from MM into iTunes.
A: Keeping a separate copy of the tracks in the cache is the only certain way to isolate MM and iTunes from affecting each other. By setting the Cache Path entry to an empty string the Cache mechanism will be disabled. See the “Explanation of the Cache” section for more explanation.

Q: Every time that I sync into iTunes all of my flac files get reconverted into mp3 files and this takes a very long time.
A: This should not happen. It is usually symptomatic of having some clock discrepancy between multiple PCs or NAS devices. If MM is used to change ID3tag attributes to many files then the timestamp of the file would be updated and this can cause updates en-masse.

Q: Where does the plugin store it's configuration information?
A: A normal installation will use the registry at 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\MediaMonkey\Device\d_itunes4.dll on computername' where computername is the name of your PC. If you have a portable installation then the configuration will be stored in the mediamonkey.registry file. It is possible (but not recommended) to modify the registry entries manually.

Q: I have more than one iDevice. Can I sync them all from one iTunes library?
A: Yes. iTunes supports multiple devices from the same library quite happily. You'll have to manage which tracks go to which device. If you wish to auto-sync them after an MM sync then you can list all of them on the configuration page.

Q: I've just installed the plugin and I get a message 'iTunes has been scanned and found to contain no tracks'
A: This is actually normal when iTunes has just been set up. Answer 'No' so that it does not terminate the sync and let the sync continue. The message is a safety net in case communication to iTunes has failed. Continuing could be catastrophic in that all iTunes content could be deleted. Usually of course there will be some tracks in iTunes and you will not see the message and the sync will proceed as normal.

Q: I use 'Build Folders' to create nested playlists. Every occurrence of '/' within the playlist name is treated as a folder break. Why?
A: Make sure that the separating character is not anything that typically appears within the playlist folder names. I suspect you're is set to '/'. This is to do with the internal implementation of the way that the plugin handles file path - a path is stored as a single string using this separator so any additional occurrences of the separator causes the behaviour you have experienced. There is also a related bug in MM

Q: I have renamed my PC or I have copied the MM.DB from one machine to another.
A: The plugin is identified by the name of the PC which it is running on. If you rename or copy the MM.DB on another machine this becomes disconnected and it stops working. Use the Advanced Recovery “Delete all instances of d_itunes4.dll from the DEVICES table”. Restart MM afterwards.

Q: I use MM's Auto conversion features but no tracks get put into the iTunes
A: Ensure that the Set Formats in MM are set to the file types that you want to deposit into iTunes (MP3 mostly)

Q: When I change the artwork within a track that MM has sync'd to iTunes the change is not reflected into iTunes.
A: This is a bug in MM . The work around it to manually delete the track in iTunes and let it re-sync.

Q: When I rename a playlist in MM I get the old and the new playlist present in iTunes.
A: Ensure that you have the "Delete files and playlists not included in the Auto-Sync list from the device" option switched on in Options/Auto sync.

Q: I have iTunes set to “Start at Sync” and when I sync to iTunes then MM hangs with “Preparing List of Files”. Why?
A: Check carefully for pop-ups from iTunes. At startup iTunes can report various messages such as “Audio Unavailable”, “Video resolution too low” etc. These will be waiting for you to click “OK” but the dialog box can be behind the MM window.

Q: I get exceptions saying that my flac files are not compatible with iTunes and I should convert them. But I already have a rule in place to convert incompatible files to mp3. What is wrong?
A: This is an MM issue. You must add a rule but you must also add mp3 as a supported format on the device. By default, fresh installations have no types defined which perversely implies that all types are supported.

Q: I have a portable instance of MM. Will this plugin work with this different installation type.
A: Yes it will but beware that some of the file paths might be located within your portable drive letter rather than C:.

Q: When I synchronise I get many exceptions along the lines of
--> “EXCEPTION AppViaCOM (CoiTunesApp.Create) EIntfCastError Interface not supported”
A: This implies that the COM connection between MM and iTunes has been broken. It may be that iTunes was closed while operating, it is waiting with at a prompt for the user or has locked up in some way. Please close MM and iTunes and ensure that neither are running in Task manager. Start iTunes (and check it has started normally) and then start by MM. In severe cases iTunes can corrupt it's internal database and this needs to have all the music removed and re-registered. Re-installing iTunes can also help.

Q: I want to uninstall the plugin. How do I do this?
A: Tools / Extensions. Select the device and click Uninstall. If this fails close MM then locate the d_itunes4.dll file and delete it.

Q: I get the message
--> "EXPECTION DEVICE_ListContent EOleSysError Call was rejected by callee"
A: You had some screen open in iTunes which prohibited communication to MM. Completely close MM and iTunes and retry. Generally it is not good practice to operate iTunes while synchronising.

Q: I have MM auto playlists which are dependent upon ratings. When I change the rating of a track on my iPhone the playlist is not updated. Why?
A: All MM playlists (normal or auto) become normal in iTunes. After the changed rating sync's it's way back to MM, MM's playlists will update and then update their equivalents in iTunes. If you need dynamic behaviour then you need to manually replicate the MM auto playlist function in an iTunes smart playlist.

Q: I am running Itunes 10.6 and the latest MM Itunes Plugin. When I right click on a playlist and send to the itunes plugin device, it copies to the cache folder but then 2 copies of each song shows up in Itunes. Any idea why
A: This mode of operation isn't supported by the plugin. Add the playlist to the auto-sync playlist and synchonise that way.