MonkeyBrainz - Submit Album Data to MusicBrainz

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MonkeyBrainz - Submit Album Data to MusicBrainz

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MonkeyBrainz is an addon that facilitates submitting MediaMonkey album and track data to MusicBrainz. It is particularly geared toward CD submissions, but can also be used for digital music files grouped as an album in a MediaMonkey playlist.

Specifically, MonkeyBrainz has the following capabilities:
  • Calculate a MusicBrainz Disc ID from a CD in a local drive or from a MediaMonkey CD location node in the main tree (the disc does not need to be in the drive).
  • Lookup the Disc ID in MusicBrainz to obtain a list of matching releases.
  • Lookup possible matching releases using a fuzzy search based on a CD's Table of Contents.
  • If no releases are found by a Disc ID or TOC search, you can perform a basic Album/Artist search to find possible matches.
  • If no releases are found by any of the search methods, you can submit a new release to MusicBrainz using album and track data from your MediaMonkey album selection.
  • Easily copy useful data like disc IDs, CD Table of Contents data, album titles, and artist names to the clipboard for pasting into other applications.
- MediaMonkey 4
- A MusicBrainz account [free and easy to set up]

Download URL:

Manual installation is required.
  • Open the download file in a Zip utility
  • Copy the MonkeyBrainz folder to %appdata%\MediaMonkey\Scripts\
  • Add the following entry to the Scripts.ini in the Scripts folder:

Code: Select all

Order= 100 [or your preferred addon list order number]
Description=Submit album data to MusicBrainz
Restart MM to use the new addon.

Open MediaMonkey and select a computer CD node, location CD node, or playlist node in the MM main tree. Ensure the song list is sorted by ascending track order. If you select a location CD node, the disc does not need to be in the CD drive.

If you'd like to submit a collection of digital music files as an album, add the desired files to a new playlist, then select that playlist in the MM main tree.

Open MonkeyBrainz from the MM Tools/Scripts menu.

If the MM selection is a CD, click the Lookup DiscID button to check if MusicBrainz has the ID in its database. If it does, you'll see a list of matching CDs.

If no releases are found, you can try a fuzzy search based on the disc's TOC. If releases matching your selection are still not found, you can try an album/artist lookup by clicking the Album Search button.

When you click Album Search, you'll see a dialog box with the album and artist information from your MediaMonkey selection prepopulated in their respective fields. You can use this information as is, or search for any artist/album combination. Check the Exact Match checkboxes to limit your search to exact matches. Click the Search button to execute the query.

If you are searching for a playlist album, the only lookup method available is album/artist, since collections of digital music files don't have a TOC.

If matching releases are found, you can check their details by double clicking on a release item in the Lookup Results list or by selecting a release item and pressing Enter on your keyboard.

If no matching releases are found, you can submit your MM album selection to MusicBrainz as a new release by clicking the Add Release button. You will be taken to the MusicBrainz Add Release page, where your MM album data will be prepopulated in the appropriate fields. You can then add additional information or make changes to the data before finishing your submission.

If you would like to select another album, click the Refresh button to update MonkeyBrainz with a newly selected album in MediaMonkey.

Limitations and Issues:
- MonkeyBrainz cannot handle multidisc releases. Discs must be submitted individually.
- Testing with multisession discs has been limited. This addon may have problems with some multisession discs.
- MusicBrainz calculates multisession Disc IDs using audio tracks only (i.e., minus data tracks), thus the MB freedb disc ID may differ from the freedb disc ID calculated by other applications such as MediaMonkey, EAC, or fre:ac.

Addition Information:
You can add a Help link to the MonkeyBrainz GUI by creating a URL shortcut to this forum page, renaming it to MonkeyBrainz, then copying the file MonkeyBrainz.url to %appdata%\MediaMonkey\Scripts\MonkeyBrainz\.

MonkeyBrainz is written Visual Basic .Net and uses the following software:
Many thanks to Philipp Wolfer and the MusicBrainz development team for making their software freely available.

MusicBrainz website:

Version History: [21-02-04]
- Initial public release