How to start the service manual [#17401]

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How to start the service manual [#17401]

Post by glda19 »

I have a other media server that i use for streaming films.
I set the service for that server to manualy and Make a shortcut
by target i put this "C:\Program Files\Serviio\bin\ServiioService.exe" -stop
With this i can stop the server. and when i change stop to start the server wil start

Can i do the same for media monkey
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Re: How to start the service manual

Post by Peke »

No it is not possible to do that in MM, but I agree it would be useful in some cases.

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Re: How to start the service manual [#17401]

Post by Ludek »

There already is the command line to start/stop the MM service:

For MM4:
sc start MediaMonkeyService
sc stop MediaMonkeyService

For MM5:
sc start MediaMonkey5Service
sc stop MediaMonkey5Service

Just ensure that you installed MM as service (Options > Media Sharing > [Install as service...])
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