Gapless Playback M4A

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Gapless Playback M4A

Post by rich_h »

On my PC everything is ripped to FLAC. For synchronising purposes I have FLAC automatically converted to M4A; on my phone, with gapless setup, there is a brief period of silence between continuous songs. I copied the M4A files to my Mac and there they play continuously (albeit with an occasionally brief glitch where the song changes, but no silence). OGG Vorbis files on my phone play fine with gapless.

I'm assuming that this is therefore a limitation with the Android audio engine. I seem to recall that it was mentioned somewhere on the forums that Ventis were working on their own audio engine to circumvent limitations such as these - assuming I'm not misremembering, how is that coming on?

(I have reasons for using M4A before anybody says "use OGG then"!)
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Re: Gapless Playback M4A

Post by MaCs »

I have the same problem, gapless playback is not working right. There is a difference, the gap is shorter when gapless playback is activated, but there is still a gap. The same files play gapless when using foobar2000. I have the latest MMA beta (
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