Reporting bugs... MediaMonkey 5

Help improve MediaMonkey 5 by testing the latest pre-release builds, and reporting bugs and feature requests.

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Reporting bugs... MediaMonkey 5

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Thanks for helping to test MediaMonkey 5! This note is for anyone who wants to report a bug in the prerelease versions. It provides a few basic guidelines that'll help us resolve bugs as quickly as possible.

When submitting a bug, please scan the beta forum beforehand to ensure that the problem hasn't already been discussed/fixed. If your bug hasn't been reported yet, please report it in a new topic so that it's easy to find and track. If the issue appears to be another instance of a previously reported bug, please add the information to the already existing thread.

If you you need to include files with your report, you can either include links to the files (e.g. upload the files to OneDrive/Dropbox/Google drive or docs or use other filesharing services like or or others you prefer) within the forum report OR open a ticket on our helpdesk. Note that our helpdesk will not accept attachments larger than 1MB[/b], so please zip any attachments before sending.

Try to:
1) Make sure that you're using the most recent test build

2) Be specific in your description of the problem and clearly describe the steps needed to reproduce the problem. Post a video link if it's difficult to clearly describe the bug, using a tool like Jing:

3) Provide information about your environment.
- e.g. Win , 1 DVD reader, 1 SSD (C:/), MediaMonkey
- If the bug is specific to certain files, Send the files needed to replicate the problem.

4) In cases where the problem isn't consistently reproducible or is environment-specific, Send us a debug report / debug log . To do so, you need to use the debug version (MediaMonkey_xxxx_debug.exe ) that's posted with each beta build. You can install the debug version on top of the regular build (or just install the debug build).
  • a) For crashes and error conditions MediaMonkey will (usually) generate a debug error report with a log ID and prompt you to send it.
    - Please mention the log ID in your bug report in the forum so that we can match the log submission to the problem.
    - In case MediaMonkey crashes before sending the error report, you can find the error report as 'MediaMonkey.el' / 'MediaMonkeyEngine.el' located in the same folder as MediaMonkey.exe or as subfolders of "%appdata%\EurekaLab s.a.s\EurekaLog\Bug Reports\" or at "%appdata%\EurekaLog\MediaMonkey"
    HINT: Copy/Paste above path to address bar of Windows File Explorer window as folder is hidden

    b) For functional problems (i.e. no crash or error) or if an error report isn't generated automatically, you can manually generate a debug log as described below:
    - Download the DbgView application from: ... s/bb896647
    - Execute DbgView.
    - If you know that the bug triggers a system freeze, configure DbgView to save the log to a file automatically via File > Log to File...
    - Execute MediaMonkey.exe and try to reproduce the bug with a small set of Tracks.
    - You'll see logs being generated in DbgView (if not try running DBGView as Administrator)
    - Save the log messages from DbgView to a file, compress it (ZIP, RAR) and attach. If the file is too large ( > 2MB) then upload the file to a free file hosting service (DropBox, RapidShare, FileDropper, MediaFire, ...) and share just the link to the file.

    c) For sync bugs, also send us the following information (along with the debug log from 4b):
    • i) For Wi-Fi sync, with MediaMonkey for Android, after replicating the bug, generate a log on Android and record the log ID.
      ii) For an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, please send please send zipped content of the \iTunes_Control\iTunes\ folder
      Note: you'll need an iOS File Explorer such as iMazing or iExplorer to get these files from the iPhone or iPod Touch.
      iii) For an MTP device, please generate a log of the device's internal structure using the following tool:
      To use the tool, save it to the /Program Files/MediaMonkey directory and run it after connecting your device. It'll generate a log that is saved to C:\MMLog.txt. (if using Vista, UAC must be turned off)
      iv) For an iPod (other than an iPod Touch), please send us zipped content of the \iPod_Control\iTunes\ folder and \iPod_Control\Device\SysInfo
Thank you very much for your help!