dump submission task broken, or service is down at your end [#15896]

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dump submission task broken, or service is down at your end [#15896]

Post by Barry4679 » Tue Aug 20, 2019 10:05 pm

2192 has broken for me three times over the last two days.

Each time MM5 has prepared a dump file for you, but the dump does not appear to be sent to you ... MM5 is frozen, and the "sending" progress bar does not complete

The dumps did not appear to be related to each other ... ie I was doing different tasks, and they don't appear to be related.

dump one ... using auto tag

dump two: don't remember what I was doing

dump three: testing GPM download

btw. the MM5 UI remains very fragile ... I still get a lot of dumps while generally using MM5 to set up tests ... they are a frustration, and I tend to push past them without investigating, otherwise I would not achieve what i am trying to do with testing ... especially because they usually not easy to replicate

Question ... for me and anyone else reading this ... what happens when a dump fails to send? ... I have seen this relatively often ... and now 3 from 3 instances with 2192

I would like to know if the problem is at your end in your submission server (or whatever is receiving the dumps)? .... if I try again when the weekend is finished, or the sun has returned your part of the planet, is it likely that the dump will go through? .... or has MM5 been left in such a broken state, that it can't send a dump to you?

Either way, it is frustrating at this end.

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Re: 2192 - dump submission task broken, or service is down at your end

Post by Peke » Tue Aug 20, 2019 10:17 pm

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