2211 - issues with track selection info

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2211 - issues with track selection info

Post by Barry4679 »

The Gold Standard is trailer shown with the >AllTracks node. .... fully informative in all Views ... quick, even when selecting large amount of tracks

Much of the rest MM5 is of uneven standard, even buggy in places.

#1. Missing filter

  • go to >albums in Grid view
  • select a couple of albums
  • switch to List view
  • ? I can easily find the tracks that I have chosen
    • ie. they are lost down in the list somewhere
    • potentially in various isolated locations
    • if I try finding by a contextual filter, this cancels the selection
What is needed is
  • a View menu toggle option for "Show just currently selected items
  • and a (funnel) filter option to include|exclude currently selected items
I used to use Catraxx as a Media catalogue ... it had a View option like this, and it was very useful.

MM4 may not have needed this facility, due to the limited number of viewing and navigation modes, but the facility is essential in MM5 IMO

#2. Selection (and other) info missing

  • go to >albumartist (or <artist) in Grid view
  • select a couple of Artists
  • same problem in other sub-nodes, eg. Genre, Composer

#3. Selection lost when changing View modes

  • go to >Composers in Grid view
  • open the inline view for a Composer, and select a couple of the composer's albums
  • as described above, I don't know how much music I have chosen
  • switch to List view to see the missing information
  • switch back to Grid view to add some more albums
    • ?!! ... you have cancelled my selection ... now nothing is selected
  • also affects the in-place panels available from the artists and albumartist sub-nodes

#4. Inconsistent offering of toggle option

There is a UI option to toggle off the footer, but it is available in only one context. This is frustrating if you remember that you saw it once, but can't find it anymore. This is because the assumption is likely to be that the UI is consistent. ... If the UI offers configuration of the footer in one location, it should be offered everywhere IMO.

#5. The new Selection tool bar toggle

This is an excellent addition to the UI.

Is it also going to be offered in List. and also List by album, view modes? ... It should be. Especially since, in these view nodes, the fact that there a selected rows is all but invisible, since they may be scrolled off-screen. ... The footer is tiny. The tool bar icon is more visible, and it may also be useful to anyone not familiar with Ctrl+A. ... And a consistent UI is best. :)
Want a dark skin for MM5? This is the one that works best for me .. elegant, compact & clear.
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Re: 2211 - issues with track selection info [#16370/16371]

Post by rusty »

Just catching up on some overlooked reports:

#1 re. the idea of showing only selected items: this might be looked at when we examine 5

#2 Status bar is shown in most nodes atm (except Browser Views--which is planned (#16370)

#3 tracked at: https://www.ventismedia.com/mantis/view.php?id=16371

#5 checkboxes aren't currently planned for anything other than the grid view--though we'll look at this again post 5.0.

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