Some feedback on MM5 [Build 2219]

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Some feedback on MM5 [Build 2219]

Post by monkeyfan1970 » Sun Dec 22, 2019 3:40 am


I have been using MM5 for the whole day. As an user who has been using MM4 365/24/7 I notice some major issues and bugs with MM5. I also understand that it still in beta. I am hopeful that these issues will be fixed and improved in future builds.

1. MM5 seems awfully slow compared to MM4.

2. The View settings is extremely buggy and totally out of control. It worked flawlessly in MM4 but not in MM5. The view setting, does not remember views and customs user created views. Switching Views causes other nodes to be affected. My Setup is pretty simple. I have Artist Tab, Playlist Tab and Now Playing Tab. Currently it is really a pain to setup the view in MM5.

As you can see in the image below I have tried to setup a view for the artist.


Now, when I go to the album sub node, it does not respect and inherit the artist view. Could you please add this feature?


And you can also see that the view drop down menu is buggy and display duplicates.

3. Can we have a floating Lyrics Windows?

4. Some Artist don't have a Album Sub-Node. In MM4, Every Artist will have a Album Sub-Node even though they don't have a "Album Artist".

I will try to test more and report back.

Thank you.

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Re: Some feedback on MM5 [Build 2219]

Post by rusty » Thu Feb 20, 2020 2:26 pm

1. Re. performance: performance will increase somewhat with release builds, but I suspect that some of the initial slowness is related to background image lookups that occur when first run.
2. Yes--Manage Views still has a number of bugs.
a) Views are distinct for each collection subnode (i.e. you'll have to do a one-time config of views to get them to display the way you want).
3. You can enable lyrics in either:
a) The preview window (previously called the Art & Details window)
b) The Now Playing [Lyrics] views
c) Via a lyrics window (configurable via Options > Layout)
4) Re. Artists missing an Album Sub-node, can you give me more details? e.g. What are the fields for Artist, Album Artist, Album.


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