Screen Rendering issue: most of dialog missing [#16729]

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Screen Rendering issue: most of dialog missing [#16729]

Post by toyzrme »

Ripping CD's with verification ON, I occasionally get no visible "verify results" dialog window - no text, no column headers, no frames, no sliders, no OK button.

Instead, if I wipe the mouse around where it should be, it reveals the parts of the dialog I wipe over.

On MMW, portable install on Window 10 Pro.
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.........all playlists only use tracks rated >=3
.........thus sync'ing is 99.99% playlist update - no tracks are sync'd, other than new purchases
Playlists: ~59 synced
..........most are auto-playlists
..........use attributes Rating, Last Played, Date recorded, Genre, Genre "contains", Path "contains"
..........many are nested, i.e. "Top AutoPlaylist" includes "Level 2 AutoPL #1" + "Level 2 AutoPL #2" etc.
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Re: Screen Rendering issue: most of dialog missing

Post by Peke »

I am not being able to replicate. What GPU you have?

Can you make screenshot?
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Re: Screen Rendering issue: most of dialog missing

Post by Lowlander »

Did you have you screens off between starting Rip and noticing the unrendered confirmation. If possible try to capture in a debug log (step 4b) and attach a screenshot as well: ... 30&t=86643

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