2401 - Custom View

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2401 - Custom View

Post by Barry4679 »

There are two things that don't seem to be working well with Custom views (ie. Views created in the Manage Views facility):

#1 Are not persistent
  • not sure if I have reported this before ... I think I mentioned it as an aside in another thread
  • I "create" a view using the Manage Views dbox ... and then from time to time I "use" it by switching to it using the Views menu on the toolbar
  • if the Custom View facility is to be useful, any view alterations while "using" the view should not alter the specification ... ie. add|delete a column, or alter sort sequences ... these changes should be temporary, and not alter the view's specification
  • specification changes should only be accepted from the Manage Views facility
#2 Column Filter specification is too persistent
  • I "created" a View based upon List By Album ... my custom view included the Column Browser
  • once this view is created, I can find no way to make a persistent change to Column Browser (eg. change the filter from AlbumArtist|Album|Title to Composer|Album|Title)
  • from what I can see, the Column Browser setup at the point of View creation is frozen into the view specification
  • I can alter the view, while I am "using" it, but I cannot alter the specification ... ie. every time that I "use" the View it opens with the original frozen Column Filter setup
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