2412 - selection confusion

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2412 - selection confusion

Post by Barry4679 »

  • the Selection tab in the Preview panel is unreliable
  • Column Filter selection can be hard to detect, a tweak would improve
  • selection and focus is hard to detect in Material Design (dark) skin. a tweak would improve
This video demonstrates steps to some of the following issues:
  1. An album is selected ===> but the Selected tab of Preview panel is empty .. 0.00 -> 0.09 of above video clip
  2. Selected a different album ... the Selected tab is OK ==. the main panel footer flashes an update to show selection, but disappears ..0.09 -> 0.15
    The footer shows selection stats, but goes missing when the user is navigating in a grid view ... ie. the album track is selected, the inline panel opens, and the footer disappears, making it look like there is no selection
  3. Switch to another view, selection has been emptied ===> but the Selected panel looks like something is selected
    ... 0.15 ->0.25
  4. Back to a Grid view, make a selection ===> Selected tab shows an unrelated, non-selected album 0.25 -> 0.42
  5. When navigating via the Column Filter it can be hard to see what is currently selected
    • I still don't like what you have done to the Column Filter, when you have decided to make it compatible to ITunes, rather then MM4 ... I still don't understand that as it has somewhat broken the Column Filter for browsing, but here is a different suggestion to those I have made previously.
    • MM has Column Header decorators in the list view (see arrow A in this image), could you also put decorators in the Header for the Column Filter (arrow B)? ... That would help.
    • in the above image the display is also filtered by AlbumArtist, but it impossible to see that, because the Filter column has been scrolled
    • could you put a decorator in the heading of every column that has an active filter on?
    • this would show whether a column needs to reset due to your breaking iTunes change, and it would also remind the User that the display is still filtered by that column
  6. Hard to detect selection and focus in Material Design (dark) skin
    • I prefer the Material Design (dark) skin, but find it hard to detect selection and focus, could the row colour be lighten a little?
    • I can "see" shade difference in the Material Design (dark) skin, but is hard to be aware of it ... both being a bit lighter would be good, and a greater difference between them too?
  7. And I am still hoping for some action on this other breaking change from MM4
Want a dark skin for MM5? This is the one that works best for me .. elegant, compact & clear.