Unreadable elements in monkey groove [#18029]

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Unreadable elements in monkey groove [#18029]

Post by TIV73 »

skin monkey groove uses the following color definition in skin_base_add.less

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@highlightColor: @warningColor;
@highlightBgColor: @highlightColor;
Css class highlightColor is defined to use these two colors as font and fill color in skin_layout.less, making elements tagged with this class unreadable:

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.highlightColor {
    color: @highlightColor;
    background-color: @highlightBgColor;
This class is also applied when the uitools.highlightDiffs function is called, as it is in Files to Edit > Unorganized Files node (also see here)

As far as I can tell this monkey groove is the only (built-in) skin where this occurs, all other skins use different colors for these elements.

Edit: I just noticed that I accidently created the thread in the wrong forum. Could someone kindly move it to the bug and feature request discussion?
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Re: Unreadable elements in monkey groove

Post by Ludek »

Thanks for reporting, to be fixed as https://www.ventismedia.com/mantis/view.php?id=18029
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