Horizontal scroll bar for media tree and other things [#15757]

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Horizontal scroll bar for media tree and other things [#15757]

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I'm using MM5 for only 3 days now. Because there is so much new to discover and solving initial problems is mostly just a matter of practice, I didn't want to spam the forum too early with any questions or complaints. But then I found this document: https://www.ventismedia.com/mantis/view.php?id=15757, showing that a discussion about the horizontal scroll bar for the media tree is going on for quite a while. This scroll bar is actually the first thing I missed in MM5. It was there in MM4, and I really considered this to be a bug but it's obviously wanted. So I would absolutely support the return of the horizontal scroll bar because I find shifting panel sizes forward and backward to inspect the content is very annoying.

Now that once I am in the forum I have 3 other remarks:

1) The Expand/Collapse option for album lists now seems to work stable only when using the corresponding button on the upper task bar which expands/collapses ALL entries. If I expand one album separately the list always collapses again automatically after a certain time or when a played song ends. I would expect the list not to collapse unless I hit an appropriate button. Not sure if this behaviour is intended.

2) In the quite useful new feature to manage views and create own ones the settings for Elements (like column filter, tree panel etc.) do not seem to be retained over time. Example: In a certain view I activate the column filter and save this with the manage views function, then select a different view without column filter, go back to the first view which I saved, and the column filter is gone. Then saving doesn't seem to make much sense.

3) This last one may be a bit more complicated. I recognized that in some cases overlaps occur between entries that are normally assigned to separate collections (which is possible in the Gold Version). If entries with same tagging exist in different collections they are sometimes displayed together when only one collection is selected. This only happens in some of the new - otherwise very sophisticated - grid views.

Maybe the developers can make something out of this information. All the best.