Cannot erase double titles

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Hi, everyone. I hope some of you could give me easy way out from my struggle.

I started using the Gold version of MediaMonkey only from several days ago, although, the problem, I'm afraid, has been continuing before the upgrading.

Here is my problem, Somehow, I have double title entries to a same music within a folder. For examle, I have two 'love story' entries in an album folder. Clicking either entry would start the same love story music.

I tried to erase one of them by right clicking. It does not work though, since the erase option in the pulldown menu is not active. I tried to correct the problem by erasing the folder from 'by folder' view. The folder disappeared all right from the folder list, but when I looked the folder from 'by album' view, the folder is still there with the problem remaining.

The musics are stored in the NAS(Network Attached Storage). I found this while I was tranferring the music folders from the HDD on my computer to the NAS.

Yoshio Watanabe Yokohama, Japan