Synchronize Start/Stop Times on Android/Apple [#12507]

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Synchronize Start/Stop Times on Android/Apple [#12507]

Post by danobot » Sun Jan 18, 2015 10:05 pm

I switched to an android phone a long time ago and I really don't like the music experience on android. I have a large library with set start/stop times to skip intros and outros of songs. This is never synced with mediamonkey on android.

I tried to sync my ipod with mediamonkey and the song could not be played (it was greyed out on the ipod player). To work around this, I installed a scipt and synced itunes with mediamonkey. Even on desktop, itunes did not receive the start/stop time information from MM. When i finished syncing the ipod, it didnt have set start/stop times either.

This issue/lacking feature is driving me mad. I switched from itunes to MM because itunes sucks and MM is super powerful, however, not being able to sync start and stop times to either android and iPod is really annoying.
I cant go back to itunes because i love MM and my MM library is too big. There is no way i manually enter all start/stop times again in iTunes just to be able to listen to music properly without having to skip the intro of every song.

1) Does anyone know when this issue will be resolved/when this feature will be added?
2) Is there an automatic way to export the MMlibrary with all its details (especailly start/stop times) to iTunes?

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Re: Synchronize Start/Stop Times with Android/Apple Products

Post by Peke » Sun Jan 18, 2015 10:37 pm

Answers ;)
1. I added this to and in for immediate evaluation
2. No unfortunately, you should ask in plugin thread so that developer of plugin include it in next version of it.
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Re: Synchronize Start/Stop Times on Android/Apple [#12507]

Post by danobot » Mon Jan 19, 2015 8:39 am

Thank you, I'm a software engineering student. I understand this isn't the most important issue that needs fixing. I read somewhere that MM and iTunes use a different format to store song properties, that being the reason why plugin developers havent included the start/stop time synchronisation as a feature in their scripts. (too tricky and little demand)

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