Find Missing The 3.2 [MM2+3]

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Re: Find Missing The 3.2 [MM2+3]

Post by cooperg21 »

trixmoto wrote:Both of these are now on my list for the next version.
Did you ever have a chance to update the script to give the option to just update the Artist and Album Artist?

Great work by the way!
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Re: Find Missing The 3.2 [MM2+3]

Post by trixmoto »

Nope, sorry. Still on my list though.
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Re: Find Missing The 3.2 [MM2+3]

Post by MPG »

Hello Trixmoto,
How do I add to the list? All I have is the mmip file which I obviously can't edit.

I need it to pick up bands like:
The Surfaris
The Moonglows
The Gems

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Re: Find Missing The 3.2 [MM2+3]

Post by softdiamond »

Ok. I am new to MM
I could surely use this script.
How do I get it to search through my library and make the changes?
I highlighted one song to see if it would work
.and it is clearly another few songs with the same artist that is displaying without the THE
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Re: Find Missing The 3.2 [MM2+3]

Post by DavidRTurner »

I've been unable to find any list of "The" prefix/suffix artist names, that I can modify manually.

That is, I'd simply removed the "The " prefix from most of the artists in earlier collection cleanups - since this script only finds a handful of them now, where the ", The" suffix does exist, I would like to force some artist names to be checked.

I am hoping there's a text, INI, or VBS file I can modify to add artists.
IF NOT; I assume the best way would be to manually change at least one track's artist name for those I want to have fixed... so the next run of the script will find that one & change the rest... ?
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