MM5 & Chromecast Audio

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MM5 & Chromecast Audio

Post by yarguy » Sun May 26, 2019 4:45 pm

I am revisiting this subject without attaching the previous discussion to avoid everyone having to read a long pointless discussion. I have both a Chromecast Audio and a Chromecast Ultra. As it happens they are both in the same room. MM5 finds the Ultra but does not find the Audio. Competitive products find both with no special steps necessary. I say "competitive" in the general sense of the products being music players; in the specific sense, MM5 is not competitive because it does not find the Audio and I would not purchase it for that reason. Since other apps do find and use the Audio, it seems to me something is missing in MM5. Is it fixable?

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Re: MM5 & Chromecast Audio

Post by Ludek » Mon May 27, 2019 7:19 am

MM5 finds "Chromecast audio" just fine for me (and my colleagues).

Could you please download and install 2178 and generate debug log (item 4b here: ... 30&t=86643) ?
1) Start DbgView app
2) Start MM5 and wait several seconds load everything
3) Click Cast icon on the player to show list of available remote players and wait 30 seconds (should gradually load all the players including Chromecast Audio)
4) Save the output from the DbgView to a file, upload the file to a free file hosting service (DropBox, RapidShare, FileDropper, MediaFire, ...) and share the link to the file with us (e.g. send me private message with the link or share it here)

EDIT: Also, it seems that we have already solved your issue previously: ... 45#p457661
when you wrote: "All it took was a simple re-boot to get MM5 to play to my Audio Chromecast. "

EDIT2: I also see that you have opened ticket TJS-719-73558 in the past, but haven't heard from you, do you see my replies?

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Re: MM5 & Chromecast Audio

Post by yarguy » Tue Jul 09, 2019 11:20 am

Here we go again. I downloaded and installed 2185 and no Chromecast Audio once again in MM5. I will repeat: roon finds the Chromecast Audio with no intervention by me; Audirvana finds the Chromecast Audio without any intervention by me. Why would I ever consider MM5 as my main music player when it can't/won't connect properly to my system? And there are features of both roon and Audirvana that make MM5 even less useful: they play true high-res files, MM5 does not; they organize and play classical music by composition, MM5 does not.

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Re: MM5 & Chromecast Audio

Post by Davo » Tue Jul 09, 2019 4:44 pm

MM5 2185 finds Chromecast Audio ok for me
Windows 10
MM 5 Beta

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Re: MM5 & Chromecast Audio

Post by dwkrzyz » Mon Jul 29, 2019 11:08 am

FWIW I also have problems with Chromecast Audio devices. I've tried MM5; but I'm currently using MMW ver 4 using the BubbleUp transcoder. I am also exploring alternatives to CCA namely DTS Play-Fi. In my experience the problem in this thread may have nothing to do with MM. Consider this, when I first deployed CCA's Google offered a full standalone Windows app for CCA. A month later they withdrew the app from their website. A month or so later they put a much reduced controller into their Chrome browser. Over the next couple months they further reduced the controls within the browser add-on. i.e. You could no longer install or create speaker groups. Next, in Jan 2019 they announced discontinuation of CCA's entirely. In the time since then every time a new (minor) update to either their CCA's or Chrome came in it was a 50/50 chance the CCA's would disappear from the browser. Note: the problem is theirs not mine; I have a CC enabled TV that always shows up in the browser. So, I come to question Google's support (or lack thereof) for CCA's; dead or not. Google, at best, wants the entire world to be tied to an Android phone. BTW, throughout the last 8-10 months the CCA's were ticking away quite nicely on the net; they just weren't visible to Windows. Also, their support people are very tired of fending me off and telling me to use my Android phone. So, take it for what it's worth, I question whether MM5 support of CC is worth the effort...

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