MM Android Pro can't find sync server [#15000]

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Re: MM Android Pro can't find sync server [#15000]

Post by Lowlander »

A bug entry has been associated with this:
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Re: MM Android Pro can't find sync server [#15000]

Post by Peke »

To be more specific after Microsoft removed SMB 1.0 Support from Windows they also removed/broken NETBIOS Over TCP/IP making PCS not seen on Network tree node. Shortly said every device that respond to SMB 1.0 Packets are omitted from list due the "security reasons" eg. every Android Device still by default support SMB 1.0 and are rejected to connect.

As of several most recent Beta versions of MMA support manual add of MMW server and saving found servers so discovery and sync is much faster if you save servers.

This is known issue and they prolonged support for 14 years and as of Windows 10 v1803 (Creator update) it was removed from Pro and partially from Home version.

You can try fixing it as described at ... indows-10/

More info at: ... networking ... os+service

NOTE: I for example for the same reason I can't see my QNAP on LAN as it uses Static IP and custom DNS so Router DNS Server do not see it and when devices ask for MMW they do not see it unless they are searching at same time MMW is started. We plan to improve that in future versions but for now starting Serach for UPnP servers and then starting MMW is only workaround for now wher after first find you can save server for future syncs.
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Re: MM Android Pro can't find sync server [#15000]

Post by metalewd »

Sorry mate could you explain that for computer dummies, and also the implications? Are you saying Android phones are now useless with MMA? Is this issue going to be fixed? What about MM5?
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Re: MM Android Pro can't find sync server [#15000]

Post by Ludek »

I had a similar issue in the past and this has worked for me:
1) Network reset: ... m-scratch/
2) Restart of PC
3) Upon connecting to my WiFi network it asked me whether I want to allow my PC to be discoverable by others PCs and devices, I clicked [Yes]
=> everything works as expected

My suspicious is that my wife clicked [No] in the past (when she was logging into our WiFi network).

Also verify that you have network discovery ON on this screen: ... covery.png
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