Genre Finder 5.0 - Updated 05/08/2012

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Re: Genre Finder 5.0 - Updated 05/08/2012

Post by sterlingm »

If you go to Tools-Options-Library-GenreFinder Section, Update Lists and click the HELP button it provides the answer.

According to the screen that pops up in a White list you use 'Value=Translation'

If this is accurate then you would simply write as part of the white list 'Synthpop=Synth-Pop', 'Synth Pop=Synth-Pop'. There are ways to use wildcard expressions for simpler matching. It's in the HELP screen.

Hope this is useful. I like this extension also but genres seem to be all over the place. People have different ideas of what song is what genre. The downsides of crowd sourcing. It has strengths and weaknesses.

I found this very interesting blog post from 2009: ... is-it.html
Had to use the way back machine to get the original 25 genres referenced at the end of the post.

It's a good start. I'm beginning to think the fewer genres the better. There are 191 id3 v1 official genres. ... ml#example

That's quite a lot. But I'm not gonna tell people how to classify their music.

My concern is that cleaning up the all the unusual genres pulled from after running this against my library will take more time than just manually editing to a shorter list with a few sub-categories.

Good luck.

Grantman wrote: Fri Mar 06, 2020 6:38 pm Can you transform looked up values without keeping whitelist fully populated with all possible genre values?

I apologize in advance if I missed how to make this work. I read through the entire thread and have tried several different iterations and could not accomplish a simple transform of values.

I am doing this in a test environment where I only loaded a handful of Depeche Mode tracks into a brand new install... so nothing has been added to the database previously other than the testing tracks to work out my configuration for Genre Finder. I have 3 full Depeche Mode albums fully tagged (except Genre) added to Media Monkey. Two albums are all FLAC files, one is all MP3 files. These are the only tracks in the database. -- Latest version of MediaMonkey GOLD. -- New Genre Finder install. --No existing Genre values in database.

Here is the simple example:

I select all the tracks from Depeche Mode (all 3 full albums) and limit Genre Finder to the top 5 genre results - which returns the following:

New Wave
Synth Pop

PERFECT! ... except I want to use the genre "Synth-Pop". :( -- How do I transform "Synthpop" & "Synth Pop" into "Synth-Pop"?

I have gone through a formal testing of every iteration I could come up with using each list type (NONE, KEEP, WHITE, BLACK). I tried simple "Synthpop=Synth-Pop" as well as "+". I read through the entire forum thread for Genre Finder.

The script is working but I can't figure out the logic of how configure for transforming the two values into "Synth-Pop" while also keeping the other 3 values... and without putting those values in the white list before running the script. (It works fine if I populate the white list first.)

The issue is I don't want to pre-populate the white list. I welcome possible new Genre values I may not consider in advance and don't want to prevent those values from being available because I did not put them in the white list. I just want to add rules to clean up messy or overlapping looked up Genre values.

Is there an approach where you just transform looked up Genre values without having to populate a white list?

Regardless of this issue... this script is awesome. Been using MediaMonkey since late 90's (GOLD of course) and I have pretty extensive customizations, scripts... etc. I can't believe how fast it runs and how much is provided for customization. GREAT JOB!!!

Hopefully I just missed the logic needed to transform looked up values without specifying genre values in advance in a white list. :)

Any help is appreciated.
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Re: Genre Finder 5.0 - Updated 05/08/2012

Post by zombiefly »

could someone please send me the fully modified script? i've done all the changes but it's still finding nothing at all. Total confusion with the amount of posts here containing tweaks, so if there is anyone who has it working so i can select multiple files and have it pop up suggestions for genre, i'd much appreciate it.
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Re: Genre Finder 5.0 - Updated 05/08/2012

Post by sterlingm »

It looks like something else is going on with this script. It stopped working for me as well. I've got no new genres found for a while now.
Maybe lastfm made some sort of change on the backend to stop talking to outside requests?
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Re: Genre Finder 5.0 - Updated 05/08/2012

Post by Rodo »

I have modified the script as suggested in a couple of earlier posts. When I set the run mode to track or artist it works most of the time but when set to album the genre always changes to "Albums I Own". Anyone know how to fix this?
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Re: Genre Finder 5.0 - Updated 05/08/2012

Post by DocMAX »

Can somebody modify script to this: If in track mode genre is blank fall back to artist search mode.
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Re: Genre Finder 5.0 - Updated 05/08/2012

Post by nonob »


Does "genre finder" still working ? For me it doesn't...
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Re: Genre Finder 5.0 - Updated 05/08/2012

Post by adrianmarsh »

I'm finding that when I click on the icon in the toolbar for GenreFinder, that it doesn't run and just clears the Genre values.
But if I run it from Tools -> Scripts, then it works just fine.

I'm not sure why this is happening
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