Playlist in folder view

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Playlist in folder view

Post by OkieDancer »

It's been years since I used MediaMonkey. But it seems like I used to be able to view the playlists for a particular song or album while managing music in the computer folders view. Regardless of whether I am mistaken or not about that, I certainly have wished for it now. Let me say that a different way so I'm not misunderstood. When I am working in the My Computer section under Music, I find Artists>Albums>Titles. When I am highlighting a particular Title, I would like to see all of the playlists (in the Column Browser above the Details) at the very least. Even better, be able to remove the Title from any of the playlists I have previously assigned. I've hunted and hunted and can't find a way to do that. How hard would it be to add "Playlists" to the Column Browser?
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Re: Playlist in folder view

Post by Lowlander »

The Playlists a file is associated with is shown on the Properties > Classification tab and here they can be removed from the shown Playlists too (excluding AutoPlaylists).

Also: ... ain+window or ... ilelisting
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New to MM with playlists questions

Post by Shakadula5153 »

Just imported my iTunes library and playlists into MM 4 Gold on my windows 10 PC. iTunes was dropping various tunes when synching so goodbye iTunes. Plus, it has always sucked as whomever wrote it did not know anything about media inventory applications.

Okay now for the questions. My music and playlists all imported well into mm. My issue is I cannot figure out how to determine what playlists a track resides in quickly. I am currently having to click properties and then classification. It is nice that mm gives me a list of playlists the track is associated with but is there an easier way? Ideally, I would like the playlists list to be a column. Is there a way to make a custom column for playlists? Is there a classification button somewhere?

Also, anyone have a script to identify duplicate tracks but also determine if the tracks are in a playlists so I can decide what track to keep and delete? I synch playlists exclusively to my iPhone as my mm library is 300 gig.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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Re: Playlist in folder view

Post by Peke »

you can also right click on track Find More from Same -> Playlists to get same info as with properties -> Classification.
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