Can Shuffle Random-ness Be Improved?

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Can Shuffle Random-ness Be Improved?

Post by Chep »

I have a dynamic playlist that plays anything I have if the playcount is zero, and I play this list on Shuffle (random).

I find that Shuffle isn't as random as I expect to be. 6,000+ songs / 700+ artists and very frequently I’ve had a song play from the same artist played only 4 or 5 songs earlier. Sometimes it’s almost like instead of a blind reach into a mixed bag, it's like the list is just bounding around a noisy line, and the noise isn’t noisy enough. (I’m just making up technobabble, here)

Is there a way to tweak this algorithm? Or does Math just say, “YOU think it’s improbable, but it’s often likely to get another song from the same artist/album x songs later...”

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Re: Can Shuffle Random-ness Be Improved?

Post by Lowlander »

Shuffle always selects randomly from the full list. You can use Random play to add files in a random fashion, then with Shuffle disabled you get the Shuffle effect, but all files are played before a file is repeated.
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Re: Can Shuffle Random-ness Be Improved?

Post by dkstott »

Shuffle mode has known issues with repeating, etc

As of February 2023, it's being investigated by the experts here
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