Find large album art?

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Find large album art?

Post by witchseason »

Hi - I was browsing my music folders in Explorer and noticed that certain files took ages to display. I checked some of these and realised that the album art was huge - more than 5000x5000 pixels - and when I replaced that with smaller images the files loaded as quickly as all the rest.
Is there a way to find media files that have particulary large artwork? Or sort a view by size of artwork? It seems there used to be a script that would do something like what I'm after - see viewtopic.php?t=12042 - but that doesn't work in MM5 (Windows).
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Re: Find large album art?

Post by Lowlander »

There is no build in method to do this in MediaMonkey. I don't think there is an Addon either.

Tip: Sync can (as of MediaMonkey 5.1) resize files on Sync so your devices don't have to struggle with large Artwork.
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