MediaMonkey 4.1 Localization files & instructions

If you want to translate MediaMonkey to your local language...

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MediaMonkey 4.1 Localization files & instructions

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We're getting ready to release MediaMonkey for Windows 4.1, and have frozen the source translation files.

There are 160 new & updated strings from 4.0 to 4.1 so updating an existing translation shouldn't take very long. Our target is to have a release candidate within the next 2 weeks, which will hopefully include as many translations as possible. If you're interested in updating a particular translation please reply in the 'Who's doing what' thread.

Translation instructions, along with links to the files can be found at: .
IMPORTANT: even if you were responsible for the last translation of a particular language, make sure to download both the latest source files and the latest version of the translated files.

Please post any questions to the Localization forum.

p.s. If any updates are required to the source language files, they'll be posted here--so please subscribe to this thread if you're taking on a translation.