Files not deleting when removed from sync playlist

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Files not deleting when removed from sync playlist

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I have been using MMW for quite some time. I have set up playlists of various types for favorite tracks and genres and other mixes. But in general I also have a playlist that controls what full albums I want to sync. So when I get a new album I add to that playlist so that I don't have to go into settings and check each new album every time I add one. Just add it to my sync playlist.

So I am having trouble recently as I have been upgrading some of my mp3 tracks from 128 or 192k (back when storage was at a premium) and converting to 320k or FLAC. So I remove the old files from my computer (and automatically, MMW removes from any playlists, including my sync playlist) and then re-sync, expecting those files to be deleted. But it doesn't happen. Files remain on the device and in the library.

I do have the box checked to delete files in the portable device settings. Any unselected library files. And I have confirm deletion set to YES just to be safe. I know that the deletion function is working because I have unchecked other playlists and those playlists are removed. But the files remain in that case, because they are included in other playlists, specifically my main sync playlist. I would rather not uncheck my sync playlist as that would then delete a big majority of my library and have to copy it back over again when I add the playlist back.

So for now, I go into my device and manually delete the files from the library. Then re-sync with the new 320k files. I would prefer to avoid this extra step.

Any advice? If it's something simple, you won't hurt my feelings.

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Re: Files not deleting when removed from sync playlist

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You need to set delete to all media files as the files removed the Library are not delete from devices with the unselected library files.

You may enjoy: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=13000&hilit=duplicate+find It can copy from old to new files in Library as well as update Playlists with new copy.
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