CDs / DVDs don’t burn correctly

There are a couple of situations that can cause incompatibilities with MediaMonkey’s burning engine:

  1. On some systems burning requires Administrative rights. An error you may receive is ‘Error: No writable drive!’. You can right click where you launch MediaMonkey and select Run as Administrator.
  2. MediaMonkey is sometimes incompatible with Virtual CD software such as Nero ImageDrive, that allows you to write to a CD image on the hard drive. In such cases, it can cause MediaMonkey to temporarily freeze, crash, or lock the device when burning a CD or DVD. To resolve this issue, simply uninstall or disable ImageDrive.
  3. If you have multiple drives, try disconnecting any external CD/DVD drives–on some systems, they may interfere with internal drives.
  4. If you receive an error ‘Could not burn image layout’ it may be caused by MediaMonkey being unable to successfully burn the disk at the selected speed with the particular brand of Media being used. Try burning at a reduced speed. Additionally try to simplify Destination Filename mask to something simpler like <Artist> – <Title>
  5. If the problem is specific to Audio CDs, on the last page of the burn wizard try:
    • Disabling ‘On the fly audio burning’
    • Lower the speed of burning
    • Change from ‘Disk at once’ to ‘Track at once’
    • Disable burning of CD-Text
  6. There are several Burn errors that are directly reported by burner hardware that may indicate a hardware problem. These include:
    • Sense code 0 (No Sense) – Occurs rarely if the drive simply stops burning and media stopped spinning
    • Sense code 1 (Recovered Error) – Warning error messages that there was a problem during the operation
    • Sense code 2 (Not Ready) – Drive and inserted media state which MediaMonkey handles internally and user is prompted with result
    • Sense code 3 (Medium Error) – Media-related error that indicate either damage to the media or unsupported burn speed that causes burn to fail
    • Sense code 4 (Hardware Error) – Drive hardware-related errors due to failure to execute the requested command
    • Sense code 5 (Illegal Request) – Most commonly occurs when hardware refuse to execute or fails to complete a command due to media issues such as Protected Disk or incompatible media
    • Sense code 6 (Unit Attention) – Communication codes and response code that are handled within burning software when communicating with device.

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