Is MediaMonkey available for Mac or Linux?

MediaMonkey is not currently available for Mac or Linux (although with MediaMonkey 5 we have begun work on making MediaMonkey ready for cross-platform releases).

For those that require an immediate solution, some users have tested MediaMonkey 3/4/5 on Linux and OS X under Wine and several other free and shareware virtualization products and found that it works surprisingly well.

The most common problem of virtualization products is Windows Driver emulation and DirectX access to hardware (both GPU and Sound Cards). For best compatibility with such drivers, users have found the following settings work best:

  1. Install MediaMonkey under virtual environment OS
  2. On initial startup don’t play any tracks
  3. Go directly to Tools -> Options -> Player -> Output Plugins
  4. Select Wave Out Plugin
  5. Click on Configure
  6. Set buffer settings to 200ms/0ms/0ms
  7. Confirm and save Changes
  8. Close and Restart MediaMonkey

At this point playback should work correctly. Users have tested these settings on VMware Fusion, Parallels on Mac, VMWare Workstation on Linux.

Note: You’ll need to configure your virtualization environment to share the local system folder that MediaMonkey has access to your your media files.

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