Error Message: ‘Database Image is Malformed’


‘Database image is malformed’ errors can occur if the underlying database has been corrupted. This can happen if the drive is somehow shut down during a database operation or if a low level kernel level process is interfering with SQL operations (this has been observed with SpyCatcher by Tenebril).


The solution to this is to manually delete the corrupt database file (mm.db) so that a new one can be rebuilt. The MediaMonkey database is stored as described at: Modifying the MediaMonkey database and settings files / changing the default database location


To change the database robustness see: Configure Database Performance / Robustness

To backup the database see: How to Backup and Recover a MediaMonkey Library


In MediaMonkey 4, if you don’t have a working backup of the database you can try to use a Third Party Addon like ZvedzdanD’s Restore/Synchronize Database, which may be able to import information from a corrupt database:

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