How to migrate Podcasts into MediaMonkey

If you are migrating from another application to MediaMonkey, you probably have numerous podcasts that you’d like to manage with MediaMonkey. To do so:

  1. Note the Podcast directory at Tools > Options > Downloads/Podcasts from the Main Menu, and either:
    • Change it to the folder in which your podcasts are currently stored
    • Move your podcasts to that folder
  2. Click File > Add/Rescan Files to the library from the Main Menu and scan the podcasts folder
  3. Your podcasts will be added to the library, and appear in the Podcasts > Subscriptions in the Media Tree node, however, any podcasts that don’t have an associated subscription URL will be greyed out. You can right click on the podcast subscription node and select Edit (or Edit Subscription in MediaMonkey 4) to to add the subscription URL to the Podcast’s properties.

If you have an OPML file from another Podcatcher application, you can add it to MediaMonkey via:

  • Right click on the Podcasts > Podcast Directories node in the Media Tree and click Add directory in MediaMonkey 5. You can then subscribe to each of the podcasts in the directory.
  • Edit > Podcasts > Add Directory (OPML) from the Main Menu in MediaMonkey 4. You can then subscribe to each of the podcasts in the directory.

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