What is the Maximum Number of Files in a MediaMonkey Library?

There is no hard limit on how many files you can have in MediaMonkey. MediaMonkey is used in some installations that have 2 Terabytes of music.

The larger the amount of files the slower performance can get as more data has to be processed when using the Library. Performance depends on whether filters are used to segregate collections and on how the database is configured.

You can improve the SQLite database speed at the risk of data loss as described here: Configure Database Performance / Robustness.

You can improve the speed of the MediaMonkey Library by storing the database on a faster storage medium. SSD’s provide improved performance over disc based HDD’s and NVMe M.2 can provide improved performance over SSD’s. Disc access speeds are the biggest factor in MediaMonkey responsiveness as most tasks require little CPU or memory (conversion being the exception).

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