Audiobook Files Aren’t in Order on my Device

MediaMonkey can synch audiobooks just like other audio files, but if they aren’t organized correctly before syncing, they won’t display in the correct order on the device. For best results, all tracks in an Audiobook should be filled with the following metadata:

  1. Album field: book’s Title
  2. Track# field: the track# or chapter#
  3. Title field: Chapter name prefixed with the numeric chapter/track# identifiers
  4. Genre field: should contain ‘book’ (e.g. Audiobook, Kid’s book, Books). This is important as MediaMonkey will automatically synch such tracks with bookmarking enabled and shuffle disabled (i.e. on the iPod, you’ll be able to bookmark the tracks and be certain that when you shuffle your music, audiobooks won’t start playing).

With the above metadata, when audiobooks are synced, they’ll display in the correct section on the device, organized by Title, with tracks appearing in the correct order. e.g.

  • On an iPod, see Genre > Audiobook > Book Title
  • On iPods/iPhones/iPads, the content will appear directly in Music > Audiobooks > Book Title
  • On MediaMonkey for Android, the content will appear in Audiobooks

Important Note: the iPod does not organize tracks from an audiobook into album sets. If you wish to do so, delete the ‘AudioBooks’ filter, or change the audiobooks Genre to a genre that doesn’t contain ‘books’. The tracks will then synch like regular music and be grouped in Albums.

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